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The End of Grandparent Visitation in Alabama?

In this video Attorney Brad Green discusses the 1/22/16 decision of the Alabama Supreme Court that upheld a lower court’s striking down of Alabama’s Grandparent Visitation Act.  This action in and of itself does not eliminate grandparent visitation as part of an Alabama adoption case or in a juvenile dependency action.

How Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions on Same-Sex Marriage and Obamacare May Effect Alabama

KING & GREEN VIDEO: How Appeals Work in Alabama

How Appeals Work in Alabama

Blount County Bar Association Hosts Lecture On Appellate Brief Writing

Brett King and Brad Green attended the July meeting of the Blount County Bar Association at Heritage Golf Club today, where our speaker was Michael Skotnicki. Mr. Skotnicki is a former staff attorney with the Alabama Supreme Court and an appellate attorney now in private practice. The topic of his presentation was on appellate brief writing. Mr. Skotnicki’s presentation was very well received. Special thanks should go to Blount Co. Bar President Bill Burns for putting this luncheon together. King & Green, routinely represents clients in appeals. To learn more about appeals and our firm please visit our blog post about the firm’s appellate work:

How Do You Appeal A Court Order?

What happens after a trial if someone appeals? In Alabama state courts, once the trial court enters a final order, any party may file an appeal to the appropriate appellate court within a set time from the entry of the final order or the disposal of a post-judgment motion (14 days in District Court, 42 days in Circuit Court). In some District Court cases, the appeal is to Circuit court for a new trial. Normally though, when talking about an appeal, one refers to bringing a case before one of our appellate courts in Montgomery. Appeals are about research and effective writing, as the appellate courts make their decisions based on reading the party’s briefs (written arguments) and the written record of what happened at the trial court. Which makes it very important to have skilled trial counsel, so that an appeal is not lost before it even begins. King & Green routinely handles litigation from inception through any necessary appeal. Together, Brett King and Brad Green have handled hundreds of trials and represented clients in appeals before Alabama’s Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, and Court of Criminal Appeals.

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