Most people probably know that it is a good idea to see a lawyer when they get hurt because of someone else’s negligence. The most common calls we get for personal injuries involve a car accident where someone else hits our client. Often times, even when it is obviously the fault of the other party, their insurance company with either offer a very low settlement in the hopes that an injured party will take quick money and waive all claims. Sometimes insurance companies will simply delay making any offer of payment, in the hopes that the victim will just give up or forget about it. Coming to see any attorney doesn’t mean you are wanting to or will ever file a lawsuit. Most disputes with insurance companies can be settled without going to court. We take pride in helping our clients obtain reimbursement for their injuries in an honorable way. Many of our clients are our friends and neighbors, and their cases are not just one more file on our desk.



Often, we hear from people who may have been injured, but may not be sure if someone else caused their injury. Examples of these types of cases may involve work place injuries, injuries cause be a product, injuries in a hospital, doctor’s office, or nursing home. Many cases involving workers-compensation, medical malpractice, and nursing home negligence are very complicated. There are relatively few attorneys in any state that can properly handle such complex cases. We regularly help clients find out whether they have a case and if so, we help them get in touch with those specialist lawyers who can help. There are a lot of television ads out there that make it sound like you can call some 1-800 number and checks magically appear. The reality is that most cases are extremely complex and deserve more than talking to a call-center worker who isn’t even an attorney.



Our firm’s motto is “Solving problem and building relationships.” We don’t offer flashy promises. We offer candid advice. Many people come in to see us with simple questions. They are not looking for money, just answers. Even in cases where the answer is that the courts cannot help, there are many times where we can help clients in ways they had not even thought about.



If you have questions about an injury you or a family member have sustained, please give us a call at 205-683-0660 (Blount County) or 205-937-3687 (Birmingham). We will be happy to speak with you, and there is no cost or obligation.