One of the more common tasks we handle is drafting wills for clients. Most people however, do not have a will. That may be because many people might find it morbid or upsetting to plan for their own death, and that is understandable. It is important to remember that by taking a relatively short time to put together a will, you can save your family (and/or heirs) a great deal of money in the event you passed away. How? Simply stated, having a legally drafted and executed will can save a good bit of money in court costs, attorney fees, and better preserve assets. When a person dies without a will and they leave assets, who gets those assets is governed by Alabama law (commonly known as the “intestate statute”), which sets an order of priority amongst the next-of-kin. One large misconception is that the State can take a deceased person’s money and property if they die without a will. That is not the case, but having to probate an estate without a will can be more costly to the estate and its heirs. Having a will also allows for better planning and detail as to who you want to get what in the event of your death. It doesn’t take long to get a will drafted, contact our Birmingham (205-937-3687) or Blount County (205-683-0660) offices today if its time for you to make a will.